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Fitzgerald Scandals, lies, truths, and fun

Who wants to know your business?

Fitzgerald High School Gossip
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This is the community for anyone, be it students, alumni, community, staff, or Gossipwhores interested in reading about Fitzgerald High Schools; Stories, Scandels, and MUCH MUCH MORE. Here you can see what goes on in the school that some may or may not want everyone to know.

Most of all, its a fun way to hear about classmates..and get the inside scoop on whats been up.

So happy gossiping!!!!!

ALso, you should join the sister community FitzHotties or is it Fitz_Hotties..and post pictures to see if you're a fitz hottie. First 10 people get in automatically!

Note: It is not the fault of the community, or poster of the gossip described here. Since it is being called gossip, nothing is determined fact nor fiction. IF you have problems with the info posted here, you can take it up with the person that posted it, not the maintainer(s).

Thanks..and have a great year Fitzgerald!